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BMW announces next-gen iDrive at CES2021


 BMW Group on Monday announced the next-gen iDrive at the ongoing CES2021. The BMW iDrive system has officially turned 20 years old in 2021.

BMW announced the next chapter of its display and operating system, which will take the transport driver-vehicle interaction to a whole new level. The next-gen BMW iDrive will officially be unveiled later in 2021.

BMW iDrive which made its debut with the 2001 BMW 7 Series will next be featured in the upcoming 2021 BMW iX. According to the automaker, the in-cabin experience will be ushered into a whole new era. An era of intuition, interaction, and emotion.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is also going to be enhanced with a much modular and flexible BMW Operation System vehicle software. The Remote Software Upgrade with the latest tech will also be integrated into the portfolio at a later stage.

The next-gen BMW iDrive is aimed to bridge the gap between analogue and digital technology. The existing and the upcoming features are expected to be automated to an increased degree, especially the parking.